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Gulaba Manali Will Make You Feel Like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani!

Gulaba A few kilometres from Manali, on the route to Rohtang Pass, is a small village called Manali. This location is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush vegetation, and everything you could possibly need to calm your soul. The wonderful snowy region of Gulaba adds adventure and relaxation to your trip. Skiing, hiking, paragliding, and riding snow scooters are just a few of the popular activities available here.

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Every year, a lot of tourists come to the peaceful village of Gulaba because of its beautiful natural surroundings. You can even set up camp there in the meadows and take in the breathtaking sunset while gazing up at the sparkling night sky. Gulaba is a top destination for all kinds of travellers and is also where some scenes of the well-known Bollywood film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani were filmed. Gulaba is another such location where you can simply get away from your busy and hectic lifestyle and experience tranquilly and serenity. One of the few locations in Himachal Pradesh where you can anticipate such an escape from the chaos is here.

History of Gulaba Manali

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Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir, who stayed in this village during his early 1800s invasion of China, is the inspiration for the village’s name. He established the Dogra Dynasty. It is situated at a height of 4000 metres above sea level and serves as a haven for skiing and other extreme sports for both nature lovers and those addicted to adrenaline. The village is run and constructed in accordance with the National Green Tribunal Act and is located in the Pir Panjal ranges of the powerful Himalayas. When we watched Ranbir Kapoor’s film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, we Indians fell in love with the location, am I right?

How to Travel to Gulaba Manali

The best way to get from Manali City Center to Gulaba Manali is to take a car or hire a private car or taxi, since the distance between the two is about 12.5 kilometres and would take at least 30 minutes. If you don’t want to take a taxi, you can take jeeps to Gulaba. Another option is to take a state bus from the centre of Manali to Gulaba, which is the cheapest way to get there. On the way to Rohtang Pass, HPTDC buses will run from the centre of Manali to Gulaba and then on to Rohtang Pass.

The best time to visit Gulaba Manali?

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The best time to visit Gulaba  Manali depends on what you’re looking to do and see during your trip.

If you’re looking to enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, the best time to visit would be from December to February when the region receives heavy snowfall and the temperatures are low.

If you’re looking to enjoy the natural beauty and the pleasant climate, the best time to visit would be from April to June and September to November when the weather is mild and clear, making it ideal for trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities. The temperature will be pleasant during these months and the atmosphere will be fresh and scenic.

It’s worth noting that the peak tourist season in Gulaba Manali is from May to June and from September to November, so you may want to plan your trip accordingly to avoid the crowds. Also, Avoid visiting during the monsoon season (July to August) as the weather can be unpredictable and it can be difficult to travel or do outdoor activities in Manali Gulaba.

Activities in Gulaba Manali

There are many things to do and see in both Gulaba Manali. Some popular activities and attractions include:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding: Gulaba is known for its ski slopes and is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. You can rent equipment and take lessons at the ski resort.

  2. Trekking and hiking: Gulaba Manali are surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys, making it an ideal destination for trekking and hiking. There are many trekking routes available, suitable for people of all skill levels.

  3. Paragliding: Manali offers a great opportunity for paragliding, with many operators providing tandem flights and training. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from a bird’s eye view.

  4. Rafting: The Beas River in Manali is a popular spot for white-water rafting, with trips available for people of all skill levels.

  5. Explore the temples: Manali has a rich cultural heritage, and there are many temples and monasteries to visit, such as Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, and Vashisht Temple.

  6. Visit the hot water springs: Manali is home to several hot water springs, including Vashisht Temple, which is known for its healing properties.

  7. Shopping: Manali is a great place to shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts, such as woolen shawls, wooden carvings, and traditional jewelry.

  8. Adventure sports: Gulaba Manali offer a wide range of adventure sports such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, zorbing, and more.

  9. Visit the Solang Valley: The Solang Valley is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and paragliding and zorbing in the summer.

  10. Visit the Rohtang Pass: The Rohtang Pass is a popular tourist destination that offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas and is also popular for adventure sports like skiing and snowmobiling.

This list is not exhaustive and there are many more things to do and see in Manali Gulaba, depending on your interests and the time you have available.

Gulaba Manali tourist attractions

1. Rohtang Pass

Snowdrift at the Leh - Manali Highway in the Indian Himalaya. Leh - Manali Road is a highway in northern India connecting Leh in Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir state and Manali in Himachal Pradesh state.
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One of Manali’s most well-known tourist destinations is Rohtang Pass, which is close to Gulaba and provides year-round views of snow to visitors. From Rohtang Pass, you can see lots of stunning glaciers, mountain peaks, as well as streams and rivers. These include Dashahr Lake and the Sonapani Glacier. Adventure sports like skiing and riding snow scooters are also fantastic there.

2. Solang Valley

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The Solang valley is a popular spot for various adventure activities such as paragliding, zorbing, skiing, and snowmobiling. It has a ski lift and ski equipment rental facilities for skiing in the winter months. The valley also offers facilities for rock climbing and rappelling for adventure enthusiasts.

Solang Valley is also known for its natural beauty, with lush green meadows, dense forests, and sparkling streams. It’s a perfect destination for nature lovers and trekkers who can explore the valley’s natural beauty on foot.

The valley is also known for its religious significance, and there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the top of the valley. The Solang Ropeway, a cable car that takes visitors to the top of the valley, also offers a scenic view of the surrounding mountains.

Overall, Solang Valley is a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts visiting Manali, offering a mix of natural beauty and adventure activities. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and also to indulge in some adventure sports.

3. Kothi

61f91f730dbce-Kothi Place to visit
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The village of Kothi, renowned for its incredible gorges, is yet another charming village similar to Gulaba. In addition, there are a lot of natural geothermal springs here that emerge from the rocks. Kothi is home to a number of breathtaking sights, including the Kothi Gorge, which is ideal for photographers. This village’s continued idyllic and tranquilly, along with the unspoiled nature, are some of its best qualities. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location for paragliding fans.

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Let our Experts help you curate your holiday. We will call you back

Get your free itinerary curated by our experts

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