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One-Day Trip to South Goa: Eat, Party, Repeat

If life gives you a weekend, go to Goa right away. Yes! With the aid of this special one-day itinerary created by Pickyourtrail, you can experience South Goa’s entire beauty in a single day. Goa is calling you with its serene coastline, stunning beaches, exhilarating water sports, and a wealth of other things to enjoy. Exploring South Goa in a day is still a good idea even though there is so much to do in Goa that even a week is not enough time. If you have a one-day break during a business trip, vacation, or other event in Goa, skim through this article. You won’t regret it. Here is a one-day South Goa travel itinerary where you can enjoy the beach, dance the night away, and have a lot of fun.



You can decide to visit a beach, a nightclub, a church, and a few other attractions during your one-day trip to South Goa. The most well-known and frequently visited attractions in Goa that will make your trip special are listed below. You can customise your vacation by choosing the attractions that appeal to you.



Colva would be your first stop after arriving in Goa. Colva must be included in your one-day trip to South Goa since it is the region’s longest beach. The beach, which stretches for 20 km, is lined with soft white sands and swaying palm trees. Engage in a variety of activities, such as tanning, parasailing, and other water sports. You will have fun all day long on this diverse beach.

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Benaulim, which is near Colva and is consequently less crowded, is a good choice for couples. While enjoying your beverage, you can fall in love with the turquoise sea all over again. Don’t miss trying out the water sports here if you love adventure. Here, you can also see some adorable dolphins.

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As an alternative, you can go to Cavelossim, which is a great place for anyone looking for peace and quiet. You can see dolphins jumping in excitement as the river Sai merges with the ocean. Take a stroll while taking in the vivid sunrises and sunsets, and stop at the shops along the shore to buy some mementos.


At one location, enjoy calm waters, dolphin sightings, a flea market, and friendly bars and restaurants. If you’re a party animal, go to the Palolem beach. Continue clubbing and shopping here while keeping in mind that you only have one day at your disposal.

Night Clubs

Johnny Cool’s

The Johny Cool’s club, which is close to the beach, will beckon you once you’ve finished exploring Colva Beach. The atmosphere is buoyant and resonant with a young, hippie crowd relaxing and enjoying the food. The local bands’ live shows are a significant highlight of this place.

Down The Road

Down The Road is the best place to go during your one-day South Goa trip if you want to spend the entire evening singing and dancing. Here, a variety of Indians and foreigners can be seen. The bar, one of the most well-liked among the locals, regularly hosts numerous live performances and karaoke nights.

Gatsby’s Club

During your day trip, visit the South Goa clubs that are the most popular. A fantastic choice for party animals is The Gatsby’s Club, which features groovy EDM music and exotic varieties of hard and soft drinks. Live the best day of your life here while dancing to your favourite beat and sipping a cold beer. Reach out to the coffee shop if you prefer to spend your evenings in peace rather than partaking in alcoholic beverages.

Silent Noise

Missing the Silent Noise club is a crime if you have plans to visit Palolem Beach. This bustling bar is a truly unique location. It is possible to have a party without playing loud music or disturbing the surrounding area. You can simply dance your heart out while listening to your favourite music through headphones.


Se Cathedral

The largest cathedral in Asia, Se Cathedral, takes pride in that distinction. During your one-day trip to South Goa, it is undoubtedly a must-see location. The church is home to five magnificent bells, the largest of which is the Golden Bell. Additionally, the church was constructed in 1510, a year in which the Portuguese army defeated the Muslim army in battle. As a result, you can see some Portuguese-Manueline architecture.

St Xavier’s Church

If you enjoy gothic architecture, you should spend a day in South Goa visiting St. Xavier’s Church. It is without a doubt the most exquisite church in Goa. St. Xavier’s Church, which was built in 1605, is a well-known landmark for both tourists and locals.

St. Cajetan Church

Another highlight of your day trip to South Goa is St. Cajetan Church, also known as the Church of Divine Providence. It is one of Goa’s World Heritage churches and was built in 1661. The church is shaped like a Greek cross, which is unusual. It also has a huge dome that is covered in Latin inscriptions from the Gospel of Matthew.

Other Attractions

Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama in South Goa cannot be overlooked due to its breathtaking beauty. The hamlet is situated on the Mormugao Peninsula and is named after the well-known Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama. The fact that it connects all of South Goa’s beaches is another significant feature of this location. You can also test out water sports like snorkelling and kayaking. Also, make sure to visit the Naval Aviation Museum.


A subtle and endearing town with a hint of Portuguese culture and architecture is Chandor. Explore the artefacts from the past as you go back in time. This historic yet charming town is a simple paradise with landmarks like Fernades House and Portuguese Mansion, among others.

Cabo de Rama Fort

The largest and oldest fort in Goa is the Cabo de Rama Fort. Within the grounds of this multicultural fort, which bears the name of Lord Rama, is a church. The fort offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea as well.

Goa is the only place you can travel to all year long, regardless of the weather, and it is full of the best places. Take a day trip to South Goa because it is ready to astound you in countless ways. You can never visit Goa enough, whether it’s for a day trip or a week-long vacation. However, with such itineraries, it is possible to fully appreciate the location’s natural beauty. Plan your ideal trip to Goa right away by going to Tripshark.

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Let our Experts help you curate your holiday. We will call you back

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Let our Experts help you curate your holiday. We will call you back

Get your free itinerary curated by our experts

Unique Itinerary

On Trip Assistance

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