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The most exciting activities in Karnataka

Karnataka’s tourist destinations are allure and sedation combined. While some of these are well-known, others are not regarded as valuable. Because of the state’s location, Karnataka has a wide range of tourist attractions that will knock you out. The Top Adventurous Things to Do in Karnataka are listed below.

India’s tourism map is centred on the important and historically significant state of Karnataka. The state, which is sandwiched between the Kannad Coast, Western Ghats, and Deccan Plateau, is home to numerous interesting tourist attractions, including forests, hills, temples, cave beaches, riversides, lakes, coffee estates, waterfalls, ruins, and so much more.

9 Exciting Things to Do in Karnataka

  • Trekking
  • River rafting
  • Surfing in Mulki
  • Reach dizzying heights in Bengaluru
  • Cycling Tours
  • Motorcycling Excursions
  • Scuba diving off Murudeshwar
  • Camping at Harangi Dam backwaters
  • Spot Wildlife off Kabini River Lodge
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1. Trekking – Best adventurous activities in Karnataka

Treks Galore – Karnataka is certain to have the perfect trek for you, regardless of your level of experience. The Mullayanagiri trek to the state’s highest peak (1930 m) provides breathtaking views in Chikkamaguluru. While the Kudremukh trek through forests and grasslands is a test of your strength and agility, it is also a beautiful journey. Another exciting and beginner-friendly trekking experience. It is the Tadiandamol trek, which begins in coffee plantations and leads to Kodagu’s highest peak.

A helpful website called My Eco Trip has been launched by the Karnataka Eco-Tourism Development Board and the Karnataka Forest Department. where you can reserve escorted eco-focused treks throughout Bengaluru and Chikkamaguluru.

2.River rafting is a high-adrenaline sport.

Rafting on the Kali River in the forested Dandeli is both soul-satisfying and intestinally satisfying. Stretch is home to Grade 2 and 3 rapids, which graduate even faster during the monsoon season (the best avoided at this time for safety reasons). Professional guides and outfits are available. Which offer workshops where you can book a full day and be moved to a camping spot, organised, and guided. Then take a thrilling ride down the frothy rapids.

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3. Surfing in Mulki – Top Karnataka adventure activities

Catch a wave away from the Ashram Surf Retreat’s well-traveled waters. It is a yoga retreat in the picturesque village of Mulki. With easy access to the point that separates the village. Although you should exercise caution, the area is relatively safe, with no dangerous rip currents.

4. In Bengaluru, you can reach dizzying heights.

By taking a microlight ride to the Jakkur Flying Club, you can ascend and descend while taking in the wind and breathtaking views of the city below. Imagine Fly Dining, where fine dining meets thrilling adventures, if you enjoy your views while cooking.

Enjoy a meal with 22 guests seated around a table 160 feet above the ground, three chefs, a waiter, a safety inspector, and a safety harness. The individual seats can rotate 360 degrees for a full view when they are at their highest point.

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5. Cycling Tours

Karnataka has a diverse geography that includes emerald-green valleys, dense rainforests, and breathtaking coastlines, making it a riding paradise. The views of tidy hedges surrounding rural homes will help cyclists match their fitness test. or feel the sea breezes caressing their hair as they cycle down the coastline, with breathtaking views of rolling hills.

Curated excursions, like those provided by Unventured, depart Bengaluru in search of the countryside. Additionally, there are routes that skirt the Arabian Sea, meander through Agumbe’s patches of rainforest, observe local life nearby, visit other historic pit stops, and engage in authentic local experiences.

6. Motorcycling Excursions

Karnataka’s biking culture, particularly in Bengaluru, is thriving, with numerous active bike groups and clubs. Among the many common names are Bangalore Motorcycle Club, R15 Riders Club, Bikerni (for women), and Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club. The communities also promote bike runs and long trips to the capital in order to share camaraderie, skills, and fun. You can also rent a motorcycle and go out with a group or on your own.

7. Scuba diving off Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar, located on the northern border of Karnataka, is where the enormous Shiva statue that is housed in a magnificent shrine casts a shadow over the fishing community below. Exploring the aquatic life on the heart-shaped Netrani Island, which is 20 km offshore, brings about spiritual joy.

Because visibility is much better than in most other Indian destinations, recreation dives with PADI-certified instructors provide an opportunity to see many exotic creatures.

8. Camping at Harangi Dam backwaters

The solitude of the outdoors, the crisp clean air, and the opportunity to wake up to the soothing sight of the forest and water. In fact, these are the antidotes to city life in the backwaters of the Harangi Dam, just off the coast of Kushalnagar in Kodagu.

The little-known Eco Habitat Homestay includes a 3-acre private camping area. Additionally, it is the ideal way to return to the fundamentals. The property, which is far from the main road, is surrounded by a coffee estate, bamboo thickets, and tranquil waters.

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9. Spot Wildlife off Kabini River Lodge

The lodge at the Kabini River in Nagarhole National Park, Spot Wildlife, enchants with its rustic charm. Additionally, it provides a variety of real wildlife and natural experiences. A brief trip on a coracle, a boat that resembles a round basket, is among the list of activities.

Your boatman will point out the region’s resident birds (and maybe a crocodile or two). As you rock and roll along with the river’s rhythms in your seemingly perilous vessel. Otherwise, go on a safari to the Nagarhole Forest, the Maharaja of Mysore’s former hunting grounds, where you might even spot a tiger.

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Let our Experts help you curate your holiday. We will call you back

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Let our Experts help you curate your holiday. We will call you back

Get your free itinerary curated by our experts

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On Trip Assistance

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